Your Complete Guide On How To Snake A Tub

The tub receives the maximum abuse being closer to the garbage disposal unit, kitchen sink and toilet drains. It gets loaded with soap, hair care products, hair, razor blade cartridges, and other debris. In a short period, the drains get clogged. And then you should hunt for professionals who can help. But wait there is a solution for it which you can do it yourself. Here is your answer on how to snake a tub to remove the block.

Ways to unclog a drain

The simplest way to unclog your drain is by using a standard plunger. You can also remove the tub stopper, clean and fix it back. But, if both these methods do not work, you should use a snake to remove the blocks from your drain.

A snake is a slender and flexible instrument to unclog drains. They are available at the markets for buying, or you can even rent them at a tool store. A power snake that has a cable of a 1/4th inch is a perfect choice. Acquaint yourself on how to use a snake based on the model that you have chosen.

Clearing the clogs away

You can start the process by removing the overflow plate connected to the tub. Beneath the plate, you can see the tub drain. Now, look for the snake cable's end and insert it into the opening. Use your left hand to hold the wire tightly. With the right hand, operate the power snake. Let the cable of the snake to pass through the drain. Be slow as well as firm when moving the snake.

Make sure that you do not break the pipes in the process. There can be bends in the drain which are sharp. Insert the snake carefully through the bends. This process allows you to clean clogs resulting from grease, hair, soap residue, and other debris. With these tools, you can remove the blocks in the tub in no time.


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