What Is Occupational Hygiene And Why Is It Needed?

The place you work should always have a safe, hygienic and healthy environment because you are going to spend a majority of time in it. At  https://www.sers.net.au/ we make it a priority to not only control a workplace hazard but also recognize them and sometimes even anticipate. The aim is to keep the place healthy and fit by constantly evaluating the surroundings of a workplace. The employees are experts and are certified professional who can tackle occupational hygiene in a number of ways. From asbestos cleaning which can cause cancerous disease as per an article on www.montgomerynews.com to noise reduction, it is always better to employ an experienced hand.  The best hygienists, work to make a place comprehensively safe.

In some workplaces, environmental stressors arise as a by-product of the work that is done. Occupational hygiene is the method by which these issues can be recognized then evaluated and lastly controls to make the entire surroundings safe for workers. It is a combination of science and art that works most effectively when an issue is anticipated and taken care of even before it occurs. These stressors or issues are important to be tackled because they can cause not only minor impairment but also create lasting injury or terminal illnesses. This affects the health of not only the workers but also the others members of the company.

For the sake of easier understanding, the environmental issues that can occur in a place of work are subdivided into various categories. They are of five kinds.






Why is it imperative to have a good occupational hygiene? A workplace that is unsafe or does not meet the safety standards of its industry leads to many disadvantages:

Poor performance of the industry

Bad worker health

Very low life expectancy of workers

Very high attrition rate because of injuries and illnesses

Increase in overhead cost of health care

But when a place of work is free of environmental stresses you not only retain good employees, a lower social cost and can benefit from the full potential of a worker. With updated technology in place, you make the entire production more proficient thus increasing efficiency, productivity, and profit.

Before you choose a good site environment service provider for your factory, look for certifications. Some of these institutes will authorize the top occupation hygienists:

Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants

Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

American Board of Industrial Hygiene

Another factor while considering the best industrial hygienists is to check the areas they specialize. Only an experienced hand can give you hundred percent satisfaction for the work done.  An environmental stressor and the issues they can solve is the best option, and they are for you. Look for experts in these issues:

Airborne contaminants like carbon monoxide, inhalable dust, respirable dust, silica, etc.

Dangerous goods like explosives, flammable liquids and gases, corrosives

Chemicals that can cause respiratory problems, skin issues, and cancer

Hazardous and toxic waste

The indoor environment includes maintaining central air conditioning, ventilation, etc.


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