How To Improve Safety During Welding?

If you are a welder, you will be exposed to a lot of fumes, fires and welding explosions. You can avoid injuries due to these hazards by using safety equipment available in and also following the best safety practices. Be it your eye or any other part of your body, safety is critical. Eye flash burns are the most common injury for a welder and hence care precautions has to be followed, refer link to know more. You may be responsible for your team’s safety or yourself, below are a few tips that provide enhanced protection while welding.

Undergo training or read the operator’s manual: If you are part of an organization, then you will be trained for the safe use of the equipment and handling of emergency situations. Even if you are not part of any group, there are many pieces of training conducted for welders, ensure you enroll for one and learn the proper usage. Also, the operator’s manual is an excellent guide as it contains all the instructions about safe usage and guidelines. So, it is essential to read the manual to get the maximum performance from the machine as well as safety details. If the manual is worn out or lost, you can always ask for a replacement as they provide the needed recommendations.

Safety wear: Wearing proper safety gear is essential to avoid injuries. Clothes: You should wear full sleeved shirts and long pants while welding along with wearing a helmet and glove. The material of the cloth should be fireproof along with it being loosely fit. Welding jackets though it may be uncomfortable to wear should be worn as it gives more protection to you. The coats these days are lightweight, and movement is smooth. They also come in many materials like leather and inflammable cloth or a combination of both. Gloves are also designed in such a way that it can fit well to your fingers and come in different designs. Shoes: Leather shoes are perfect to protect your foot. The boots should be covered by the pants and do not wear shoes other than leather.

Cover yourself: As much as possible do not expose your skin while welding. Any splinter than hits your skin can be painful and can damage your skin. Ensure that you cover up your skin by buttoning up and covering yourself against sparks. Do not keep lighter or matchsticks in your pocket as any spark can cause a fire.

Do not watch the light: Do not start welding without proper protection to your eyes. The welding arc rays can damage your eyes and can create a condition called arc flash which is very painful. Always wear welding helmets with appropriate filter shades to protect the eyes and face while welding. Along with helmets, safety glasses and ear protection gear should be worn.

Get a regular health check: Based on the type of welding, Opt for a routine examination of liver, eyes, and heart to ensure they are not affected due to exposure to it.


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