Don’t Become The Victim Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Everyone who has ever sat in a Chemistry Class will probably remember studying that carbon monoxide is a very harmful gas. It endangers lives, causing even death. If we inhale it, it can cause damage to our lungs. Various respiratory problems can occur too. Protecting yourself from this harmful gas is not that difficult. Once you know what the gas can do and from where it can come, you can take necessary action to prevent it. People are becoming more cautious about their surroundings and health. Safeguarding yourself and your family is something everybody would do. This is probably why installing a Carbon monoxide detector has assumed a great importance these days. advises all home owners to install this device,

What is Carbon Monoxide? Let us try to know a bit more about this potent gas first, before we initiate the steps required to prevent getting poisoned from it. Did you know that carbon monoxide is colourless, and has no smell? If you cannot even see it, then how do we find out if the gas is present in our surroundings? Do not stress yourself thinking about this, because the solution is actually pretty easy. Just buy a detector that can tell you the carbon monoxide levels present in your surroundings. Once you know it, you can take necessary actions to prevent it. This is a silent killer and you have to arm yourself again it. Carbon monoxide is fatal if inhaled for too long. It inhibits the capacity of the blood running through our body to carry oxygen.

How is this killer gas produced? It is produced when fuels are burnt like propane, gasoline, wood, oil or natural gas. You can call it a product of incomplete combustion. Carbon monoxide is always present where there is fire. Hence, now you can imagine how difficult it can be to escape this gas. It is there in our atmosphere due to vehicular emissions and many other causes. A malfunctioning fuel burning appliance is the prominent cause for liberating carbon monoxide in the environment. Gas stove, furnaces, space heaters, water heaters, generators, fireplaces and wood burning stoves must be checked to see if it is functioning properly.

If they function improperly, there is a high probability that they will emit carbon monoxide which is very harmful in nature. Keep your chimneys in check. If the chimney is blocked, it can lead to incomplete combustion too. Do not operate a grill in an enclosed space, it yields great amount of carbon monoxide in the environment. Once, a person encounters carbon monoxide positioning, it becomes very difficult to reverse the harm done by it. Early symptoms could even be like flu without a fever. Flu might be accompanied by any of these symptoms- fast heart rate, drowsiness, headache or confusion.

These are only some of the minor symptoms observed in the beginning. Try to be vigilant and avoid harmful areas as much as possible. There are different exposure levels as well. Some people are under the mild exposure region, others in medium or extreme exposure region. Consult a physician immediately after you encounter some mild symptoms. It will be the worst thing to do, if you avoid heeding to what these symptoms are trying to tell you. Only you can take care of yourself and no one else.


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